Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead (Lime Green Vinyl) Limited 500 Edition
Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead (Lime Green Vinyl) Limited 500 Edition
Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead (Lime Green Vinyl) Limited 500 Edition

Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead (Lime Green Vinyl) Limited 500 Edition

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Includes RIPSTREAM Digital Download Access what is this?

  • Bundle Includes Vinyl + Autographed Pic & Sticker
  • Release Date Late Nov/Early Dec (Yes, in time for Christmas)
  • Limited Ed. Green Vinyl (500 qty.) 
  • Features Oz Fox (Stryper)
  • Comes with ™RipStream Technology (Digital Download)

Remastered and Reloaded... Yes, SinDizzy “He’s Not Dead,” is coming on a limited edition Lime Green Vinyl featuring Oz Fox of Stryper.  It's been completely remastered for vinyl.  Limited to just 500. All pre-order will get a autographed band picture as well as a cool Sin Dizzy shaped logo sticker. 

The album was originally released in 1998 on CD. 10 years later in 2008 Girder Records licensed it with new artwork.  Fast forward to 2019 we have remastered it for vinyl and are proud to offer this amazing limited edition green vinyl. Which will also make this the first time ever on vinyl.

 Sin Dizzy was a '90's rock band that emerged from a friendship between drummer John Bocanegra and guitarist Oz Fox of Stryper.  It all began when Bocanegra and Fox arranged a jam session. Later, guitarist Bobby McNeil and bassist Tim Gaines were called in.   These sessions ultimately led to the group's formation.   Soon after, they were writing songs to fit the vibe of the group, resulting in a six-song demo.  The recording process started at John B's uncle's studio called 'Gracesound' in Upland, CA. Sound engineer and friend of John, Steve Sockey, loaned the band his equipment and time to help out.   All basic tracks were cut live on a Tascam 8 track reel-to-reel, but only 7 of the 8 tracks were working.  Mixed down to 2 tracks, the stereo sub-mix was recorded to an Alesis Adat (8-track) belonging to Tim's friend, and then-roommate, Brian Emmel, who let them use his Fontana, CA, home, time and gear as well.  The remaining 6 tracks were used for guitar solos, vocals, and effects.  Oz spent countless hours making sure he got the best sounds and artful mixes using all the production experience he gained recording for Stryper and other artists.  After some brainstorming, Bocanegra came up with the name "Sin Dizzy," which implies that we are somewhat dizzy from the sin of the world.  

Side A

  1. He's Not Dead
  2. I Gave It All to Him
  3. Psalms 23
  4. Enter Me
  5. Sacred Blood
Side B
  1. Back In Time
  2. Rise Above
  3. Long Way to Heaven
  4. When the Son Comes Back
  5. Hebrew Kings