Band History

Sin Dizzy was a '90’s rock band that emerged from a friendship between drummer John Bocanegra and guitarist Oz Fox of the Christian heavy metal band Stryper. The group's inception came about when Bocanegra and Fox arranged a jam session. Later, guitarist Bobby McNeil and bassist Tim Gaines were called in. These experimental sessions ultimately led to the group's formation. 

Soon after, songs were written to fit the vibe of the group, resulting in a six-song demo. According to Fox, "The recording process started at John B's uncle's studio called ‘Gracesound’ in Upland, CA. Sound engineer and friend of John's, Steve Sockey, loaned the band his equipment and time to help out. All basic tracks were cut live on a Tascam 8 track reel-to-reel, but only 7 of the tracks were working. Mixed down to 2 tracks, the stereo sub mix was recorded to an Alesis Adat (8 track) belonging to Tim's friend and then-roommate Brian Emmel, who let us use his Fontana, CA home, time, and gear as well. The remaining 6 tracks were used for guitar solos, vocals, and effects. I spent countless hours making sure I got the best sounds and artful mixes using all the ‘producer’ experience I gained recording for Stryper and other artists."

After some brainstorming, Bocanegra came up with the name "Sin Dizzy," which implies that we are somewhat “dizzy from the sin of the world.” Once the demos were completed, management and record labels were sought out, but there was no interest in the group. Eventually, Gaines put together a presale fundraiser online and collected enough funds to have a CD and artwork manufactured. Gaines added 4 songs from a demo previous recorded by Fox, (not Sin Dizzy songs) to complete the 10 song album. Gaines sold most of the CD's then decided to leave the band.

Following Gaines departure, the remaining members were left to pick up the pieces. So. Cal. bassist Kevin Walt was recruited to replace Gaines. More shows were performed and more songs were created, but other priorities gradually took over (family, jobs, etc). Years passed with no activity, and eventually everyone slipped off into the sunset.

In the early months of 2013, due to a tragic accident, Bobby McNeil passed away. "Bobby was a huge part of the sound of Sin Dizzy. I was so amazed at his unique style and vibe that I backed off on soloing so he would shine! After we lost him, reforming the band would never be the same, and I decided the band should stop out of respect for our dear friend. We miss him terribly," Fox says. 

"Bobby was a phenomenal musician! His skill set and passion pushed us as artists to new heights. We miss him dearly" quotes Bocanegra.

From day one, Sin Dizzy was intended to be an example for Christ. The lyrics were purposefully written to glorify Him.>

This website serves to keep the memory of this experimental project alive while honoring our dear friend and incredible musician "Bobby McNeil."